OOf designs and produces furniture that enables flexible working with mobile devices in offices and public spaces.

OOf’s original product, the OOf Box, is a sophisticated and direct response to the near universal need for agile working practices. Morgan Stanley Research has predicted that by the end of 2013 there will be more mobile internet users worldwide than desktop internet users.

The OOf Box is an acoustically treated space that provides a discreet degree of privacy to employees when using their smartphones, tablets and laptops, while still remaining accessible to their colleagues. The OOf Box can be placed in open plan offices as well as in the common areas of buildings, such as receptions and lobbies, making it available for everybody and utilizing otherwise neglected areas.

OOf Box

Anywhere, Anytime

reduce self-consciousness during calls

Space to Talk

privacy for office workers

Out of Office

escape traditional office workstations


through different work modes

Clare Antoniou
, Centre Manager, Westbourne & Canalot Studios,
We love the OOF Box at Westbourne Studios it’s great to be able to have a private conversation in a buzzing space’