OOf Box

Space to Think

There is a growing need for people in offices and public areas to have spaces in which they can work for short periods using their smartphones, tablets and laptops, without being distracted and without disturbing others.

Organisations increasingly seek to enable their employees to schedule their time as it suits them, and choose where and how they work, while maintaining their sense of participation in the collective enterprise culture.

The OOf Box is an acoustically treated, portable space that provides semi-permeable privacy to office workers when using mobile devices. It increases employee productivity and well-being by allowing higher levels of concentration when that is required, but it is also a casual space for taking a break away from one’s desk. Having a small footprint means that it can be placed in open plan offices as well as in common areas of buildings, such as receptions and lobbies, serving both tenants and visitors and utilising otherwise neglected areas.

Space to Think

Space to Talk

The OOf Box makes it possible to change postures and keep physically energised and mentally stimulated through different work modes.

The standing posture keeps the user more alert during a phone call, while leaning into or out of the zones formed by the shells provides visual and acoustic shielding. The high seating position, with the seat down and the tray pulled out, is ideal for laptop use.

The OOf Box creates a breakout area, enabling employees to escape traditional workstations and make phone calls in privacy, without disturbing others. It also provides users with a space for concentration or quiet deliberation, while they remain accessible by colleagues.

The OOf Box reduces self consciousness during sales calls.

Space to Talk

Space to Work

Objectively good places to work rarely end up being so; in their faultlessness, quiet and well-equipped studies have a habit of rendering the fear of failure overwhelming. Original thoughts are like shy animals. We sometimes have to look the other way – towards a busy street or terminal – before they run out of their burrows.

- Alain De Botton

The OOf Box leverages the opportunities created by the interconnected world of offices, passenger terminals, hotels, conference centres and other public spaces allowing individuals to work from where they want, when they want to.

Space to Work
Small Footprint

Small Footprint

The OOF Box occupies a small area - 120 by 70cm, which allows it to be placed at the corner of an open plan office or in common areas of buildings such as lobbies or cafes.

Pull Out Table

Pull-out Table

The pull-out tray has hold-in and hold-out positions for working with a laptop.

Folding Seat

The folding seat increases space availability inside the quiet zone for making phone calls while standing.

Folding Seat

Power Supply & Chargers

Pulling out the tray reveals a power socket and USB charger with optional RJ45, Audio or HDMI connectivity.

Connected to Power Supply and Chargers
Large Horizontal Space

Large Horizontal Space

The small footprint does not compromise the amount of horizontal space available for items such as laptops and notebooks.


Storage & Coat Hook

The storage space is conveniently located beneath the work surface and in front of the user. Additional storage space is available under the seat.

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